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LOCK-DOWN - Concrete Bonding Primer


Lock Down

SEAL-KRETE® LOCK-DOWN Concrete Bonding Primer is a self cross-linking epoxy floor bonding primer for concrete surfaces. Its nanotechnology improves adhesion with its ultra-fine, nano-sized particles that penetrate deeply into the concrete, while locking down the chalk and providing a clean, sound substrate for a topcoat of water-based floor paints, stains and textured coatings.

  • Helps Lock Paints and Stains to Bare or Painted Concrete
  • Self Cross-Linking Epoxy & Nanotechnology for Superior Topcoat Adhesion
  • Reduces Peeling & Hot Tire Pickup
  • 10% Acrylic Allows Painting Over Previously Coated Surfaces

Typical Uses

✓ Water-based floor paints
✓ Water-based concrete stains
✓ Water-based textured coatings

Technical Information

US Technical Data Sheet - 1 Gallon F-Style
Canada Technical Data Sheet

Canada SDS