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HEAVY-DUTY Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer

Heavy Duty

SEAL-KRETE® HEAVY-DUTY Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer is a water-based, 25% solids, acrylic formula designed to stop water penetration into low density or porous vertical concrete and masonry surfaces such as split-face or fluted concrete block. Heavy-Duty provides a tough, flexible, breathable film which prepares these surfaces for painting. It’s also excellent for binding chalky surfaces on painted or bare vertical substrates including concrete block, tilt-ups, stucco and aluminum siding. It’s unbeatable for strengthening mortar joints. Heavy-Duty lowers surface pH on alkaline substrates and revitalizes the natural colors of surfaces including aged vinyl siding, aluminum siding and stucco.

  • Stops Water Penetration
  • Hi-Solids Formula for Use on Split-Face, Fluted & Decorative Block
  • Binds Chalky Surfaces & Strengthens Mortar Joints
  • Above Grade Use

Typical Uses

✓ Split Face Block


✓ Fluted Block

✓ Stucco   



✓ Decorative Block


✓ Concrete Walls

✓ Galvanized Metal


✓ Vinyl/Aluminum Siding

✓ Adobe  


Technical Information

Technical Data Sheet


700005 - 5 Gallon