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Garage Floor Prep & Primer Products


Oil Stain Remover

Oil Stain Remover

  • Absorbs & Lifts Oil-Based Stains
  • Ready-to-Use Formula
  • Pour On - Wait 30 Minutes - Scrub - Rinse
  • Environmentally Friendly and Plant Safe
  • Near Zero VOC (,0.5 g/L)


Clean N Etch

Clean-N-Etch 2-IN-1 Cleaner & Etcher

  • Prepares Bare Concrete for Proper Adhesion of Coatings
  • Environmentally Friendly and Plant Safe
  • Concentrated Formula Makes Up To 2 Gallons
  • No Odor or VOC’s


Lock Down

Lock-Down Concrete Bonding Primer

  • Helps Lock Paints and Stains to Bare or Painted Concrete
  • Self Cross-Linking Epoxy & Nanotechnology for Superior Topcoat Adhesion
  • Reduces Peeling & Hot Tire Pickup
  • 10% Acrylic Allows Painting Over Previously Coated Surfaces

Our 4 Step Process

Step 1


Clean-N-Etch prepares concrete for proper adhesion of garage floor paint.

Step 2


Lock Down concrete bonding primer improves paint adhesion by 50%.

Step 3


Epoxy-Seal garage floor paint is 3x stronger than other floor paints.

Step 4


Clear-Seal sealer adds a beautiful finish and extends the life of painted concrete.