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OIL STAIN REMOVER - Liquid Cleaner & Degreaser

Oil Stain Remover

SEAL-KRETE® OIL STAIN REMOVER is a powerful, citrus-based Liquid Cleaner & Degreaser that turns into a powder as it absorbs and lifts petroleum-based stains from concrete and spills from concrete driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways and more. It outperforms conventional liquid degreasers and dry absorbent materials by removing both the spill and the stain. Oil Stain Remover is biodegradable, water soluble and can be used both indoors and out.

  • Ready-To-Use Formula
  • Pour On – Wait 30 Minutes – Scrub – Rinse
  • Grass and Plant Safe
  • Near Zero VOC (< 0.5 g/L)

Typical Uses

✓ Concrete driveways


✓ Patios

✓ Garage floor cleaner


✓ Walkways

Technical Information

Technical Data Sheet